About Beehiva Homes

Beehiva Homes is currently celebrating its 20th year of operation. When our founder started out in this business, he had clear vision u2013 to build homes that delivered not just on substance but also on style.

While todayu2019s Beehiva homes still carry all the emblems of excellence, they have also evolved into a vision of how families aspire to live in 21st Century Australia. This is because have been listening attentively to what customers want. Our homes are a reflection of our customersu2019 physical and emotional needs.

Formed In

With an emphasis on innovative light-filled open plan designs- often with multiple living areas, interior design, customer focus and professionalism; uncompromising respect for our customers is at the heart of everything we do, from laying the first brick to handing over the keys. The Beehiva team takes great pride in the fact that our homes, deliver on the founderu2019s dream and the customeru2019s vision.

And itu2019s simply because we have always had more thought built in.